Top 3 Recommended Culinary Destination Solo Indonesia

They say Solo is Yogyakarta’s twin city. And while they do share a similar culture and royal Javanese flair, Solo absolutely has a unique flavour, especially in the culinary realm. So here’s The Top 3 Recommended Culinary Destination Solo Indonesia

Tengkleng Bu Edi

Tengkleng used to be a common dish for people who couldn’t afford goat meat. Tengkleng is made from the bones of goats. But these days, tengkleng has gained a new prominence as one of the signature dishes of Solo. Tengkleng is common in Solo, but there’s one food stall that is particularly famous for its tengkleng, Tengkleng Bu Edi, near the north gate of Pasar Klewer (Klewer Market). This is a simple stall but it draws long lines every day. There aren’t a lot of seating options here, which is why most people choose to take away their food. But enjoying this traditional food in the hustle and bustle of Pasar Klewer is sure to be an exciting experience. Tengkleng Bu Edi is open daily from 2pm.

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Soto Triwindu

If you visit Solo, you have to get to know Soto Triwindu stall. This soto stall was established in 1939 and was originally located in a small alley in Pasar Triwindu (Triwindu Market). After revitalization, the stall was moved to a new location on Jalan Teuku Umar, not far from Triwindu Market. Soto Triwindu is a simple-looking stall but the soto it serves is simply divine. A bowl of soto consists of beef and sprouts doused with a sauce that is quiet clear. Side dishes include satay quail eggs and various fried foods (gorengan).

Other Traditional Dishes

On Jalan Gading, near the town square (alun-alun), Soto Gading serves up about the most popular soto ayam in Solo. Soto Gading serves its soups with a clear light sauce, with side dishes that include satay, tempeh, tofu and sausages. Soto Gading offers traditional-style seating with wood tables and chairs. Soto Gading has four branches.

Gudeg Ceker Margoyudan is a beloved part of Solo’s culinary scene. Every night, Ibu Kasno is ready to serve the lines of customers waiting for the famous gudeg, made from unripe jackfruit, palm sugar and coconut milk. Timlo Sastro is famous for its timlo soup. This stall is located near Pasar Gede (Gede Market), at Jalan Pasar Gede No. 1-2. Timlo Sastro contains chicken, gizzard, fried sausage satay and boiled egg.


Text and Photo by Priscilla Picauly